A revolutionary hiring process is here.

Subscription-based recruitment services have landed at Temper!

Temper Plus streamlines recruitment through a monthly fixed-fee subscription.

With predictable costs, quality matches, a partnership approach, and flexible extras, Temper Plus is the future of recruitment. 

Traditional Recruitment 

Let’s say you hire nine people in a year. Their roles have an average annual income of $100,000 — at 15% commission from the recruitment company, your yearly recruitment fees amount to:

$135,000 for nine hires. 

Temper Plus Recruitment 

The next year, you swap to Temper Plus and pay a flat fee of $10,000 each month. This year, you end up hiring 24 people over the year, but your fixed flat rate means your annual recruitment cost fees are only:

$120,000+gst for unlimited hires*

*fair use policy applies 

Something To Look Forward To.

Predictable costs

Our fixed fee means you can accurately budget for your recruitment needs, avoiding unexpected costs or escalating commissions associated with the number or level of hires.

quality hires

We earn the same fee regardless of the candidate’s salary, so we’ll never push for a candidate with a higher salary just to increase our commission — quality matches only!

partnership approach

The hiring company, candidate, and Temper are all equal in the mission to find and place the right talent, fostering trust, collaboration and a good experience for everyone.

Pick and choose your extras.

Yeah — there’s even more good stuff.

While your Temper Plus subscription remains fixed, these additional services can chop-and-change as needed. Each has its own fees, so let us know what you need and we’ll provide a quote.


The smarter way to recruit top talent.

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