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At Temper, we're all about embracing the ever-changing "World of Work" and having a blast while doing it! Our superpowers in coaching, consulting, and business development team up with some seriously cool industry-disrupting tech to give you the ultimate recruitment experience. We've got your back, whether you're a company seeking your next hire or a talented individual on the hunt for your dream position.

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At Temper, we're not your typical run-of-the-mill agency – we're the ultimate partners-in-crime for companies! We believe in building long-term relationships, which is why we offer retainer designed services instead of just contingent ones. No more unpredictable and inconsistent services – we're here to be your rock-solid support from day one and beyond, into your incredible growth-filled future.

We totally get it – every role and company is like a unique puzzle piece! That's where we shine – we've got the magic touch to sell your role like a blockbuster movie, starting with an irresistible job description, acing the interviews, and crafting an offer that's too good to refuse! We know how to make every role super enticing to the perfect fit. And you know what? We don't just rely on those boring old job posts – we're all about networking like pros to find that one-in-a-million person who'll be the perfect match for your company.

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